New Art! Digital Illustration

So while working on a call for SciFi and futuristic art I created this beauty. Here is a small glimpse of the work process for you.

This is a basic sketch that I created using a (free for commercial use) stock photo. I like to use photos so that I get the proportions right. It also allows me to get the pose that I want. It also saves me some time. The robot’s hands are completely free hand drawn.

I use a LOT of layers so that I can color different areas in any order I like. In this case, I did the robot hands first, they took the most work. I’ve never had a hard time with fabric and backgrounds so I saved them for last.

All finished with the background which is digitally painted. I have found that I can use a lot of photo composite skills in my digital painted/drawing work which is nice.

And if you would like a copy of this for your own, well good news you can now purchase it directly from me at my online store.

Click here to see the entire collection.

And here is my alternative art store for all your gift-giving needs.

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