So I woke up with this image stuck in my head.

So today I woke up with an odd image stuck in my head. Kind of a spooky forest thing with dark grayish blue trunks, no leaves, and a road running through it.

dark digitally painted image of leafless trees

I couldn’t get the image out of my head. And this is a new one for me in that it is completely painted digitally. No photo composites nothing photography related. I do have a degree in art which involved a lot of painting classes but it’s been forever since I’ve tried to paint. So far this has been fun. The hardest thing for me when painting is making sure I don’t get too perfect.

The nice thing as well, being that it’s digital I can combine a charcoal brush with a sponge or traditional brush and there is no mess.

So we will see where this goes. I’m going for spooky or strange. The kind of image that you look at and you like it but then maybe it gives you the creeps a little bit. I’ll post again when it’s done.

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