Katherine’s Attic by Kelly Paal

I have wanted to take time out to find my own art style well forever. Life happens though and rarely is the time taken. I thought back when my daughter was a baby that I would have time. Boy was I naive. And I had experience behind me as a nanny. LOL.

Well before you knew it I was 50 years old. I did have a nice online business in card and wedding invites, which I still run btw. But I really wanted to find work that was more creative. I just wanted to create things I saw in my mind. When I was in my teen and twenties I wrote SciFi and I almost was published numerous times but life got in the way there too.

Now that my kid is a teen and mostly self-sufficient and my husband is almost self-sufficient, haha. I decided over a year ago to step back a bit from my online work that was making me some money to learn what I needed to or start learning so that I could my vision a reality.

It took months of course before I even tried anything but I finally started to create visions unique to me. And so Katherine’s Attic was born. The home of cyberpunk, steampunk, fantasy, and horror genre digital art. All offered as posters, metal or acrylic prints, and other fun products.

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