Whew. Okay, this one is done, maybe. Do you ever have the problem of having too many choices? So I’ve been working on this piece for a bit now.

The landscape photo is mine. The woman is from a stock file. I had no issues working her into the scene she was perfect for this piece. I knew I wanted to create a fantasy piece that would be titled spirit of the forest or lady of the forest. So no issues with compositing to put her in the scene. The light was even similar. I also knew I wanted to put something in her hand and there is where I ran into a problem. What do put in her hand? I had one idea, then another, and then one more. Sometimes I wonder if the options are too much.

So for right now, this is finished but not really. I will step away and see if I still like how it looks in a few days. Once I decide that it’s done I will upload it to my store and let you know. Visit my newest storefront Katherine’s Attic any time.

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