The Stuff Nightmares are made of. . .

Katherine’s Attic by Kelly Paal

This piece was part of a competition that sadly I didn’t win but it was my first try. And while I have years of experience in design I have a lot less in creating what is in my own mind. I still like this piece.

The photo is one of my own. I love the woods. It’s my happy place and I have never felt afraid there. Now dolls on the other hand creep me out. I did have a few dolls as a child, most of them gifted not asked for. I always found them creepy. So this piece is something that would really scare me. A broken doll walking out of a mist in the forest.

I know a lot of people love to be scared so if this is your cup of tea feel free to visit the link above and purchase a nightmare for your own home.

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