The value of stepping away.

I spent so much time on this piece. Not because it was difficult. It wasn’t, not really. I had a solid vision of what I wanted to do. I was inspired by a favorite anime of mine and wanted to take one design aspect from it and create my own composition.

I probably go to 90% done and something didn’t look right. And I didn’t know what it was that looked wrong. I tried so many things but nothing changed. So I decided to step back and leave it sitting for a while. One thing experience teaches you is the benefit of stepping away at times. When you know you’re at a block don’t waste energy banging your head just turn and do something else. I believe I created two other art pieces while this sat. Finally, about two weeks later it came to me while I was doing something else like solutions always arrive. All I needed was some depth in the far background. And just like that, it looked right.

Visit the link below to see the selection of products featuring this wonderful piece, “Tear in the Sky.”

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