Watch and Gears Fractured Time

Katherine’s Attic by Kelly Paal

Yeah, the title of this entry is the title of the piece, well its long title anyway. This piece was the first one that came out EXACTLY as I had envisioned it in my mind and it took sooooooooo long. And that’s okay of course. Normally my work for my more socially acceptable business doesn’t take as long as the shortest time taken for one of these pieces. Why? You ask. Well, I can’t afford to spend hours/days on a piece of art for a greeting card that will net me fifty cents. Time is put in but if things get long I stop. For my own work, I wanted to finally do something different take the time to do something the way my artistic soul wanted to do it. This piece is the first one.

I love time travel stories and I guess that is the inspiration for this piece. I know you’ll love it. Nice thing is this one is actually tame and would look great anywhere.

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