Watch part 1 of this amazing fanart piece!

I’m a big Bleach manga and anime fan. I really enjoy the thoughtfully designed characters. One of my favorite characters is Ulquiorra. His final form is just beautiful. And what other point can there be to being an artist if you can’t create your own wallpaper for your PC?

Seriously though I started doing fan art about a year ago as a way of finding joy in my art. As I don’t sell fan art pieces they are for fun. And out of that came the design to use my fan art pieces to try new software or techniques that I wanted to learn. I also have found it makes me more creative for my own work. I tend to get a burst of creativity after working on a fan art piece.

So anyway here is part 1. I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to like and subscribe. I post regularly but not on a set schedule.

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